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White Collar Federal Crimes: Health Care Fraud Focus
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White Collar Federal Crimes: Health Care Fraud Focus

Any reference to federal crimes applies to a truly broad universe of possibilities, given the scope of federal authorities over many criminal matters and charging possibilities. Those include things like organized crime activities, ranging from interstate drug trafficking to kidnapping.

They also include unlawful acts that reside under the umbrella of so-called “white collar” crimes. Criminal charges in this realm of law range from tax evasion, securities fraud schemes and money laundering to embezzlement, mortgage scams and Medicare fraud.

We take an overview look today at that last inclusion, noting at the outset that healthcare-related fraud is very much on the radar scope of federal authorities these days, with considerable resources being devoted to its investigation and prosecution.

Perhaps more than any other work realm, the medical industry is under an ongoing regulatory microscope, with myriad — and seemingly ever-escalating — rules and regulations governing medical professionals’ conduct and, especially, billing practices.

It’s easy to make mistakes, to overlook some requirements and, as a consequence, run afoul of federal laws.

That is especially common regarding Medicare billings, where inaccurate statements go out as the result of good-faith mistakes and, concededly, purposeful fraud activity on some occasions.

In either case, individuals and business entities that become targets in medical fraud investigations (Medicare-related or otherwise) unquestionably face withering scrutiny from federal task forces and other law enforcement agencies.

Given that, coupled with the fact that outcomes in federal white-collar fraud matters can yield truly adverse outcomes, timely and aggressive assistance from a proven federal criminal defense attorney can be of material benefit to a criminal suspect.

Time is often of the essence in a federal criminal investigation. An experienced lawyer can answer questions, quickly educate a client, and provide diligent legal representation aimed at securing an optimal defense outcome in every case.

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