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What are Pyramid Schemes?
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What are Pyramid Schemes?

In the United States, fraud can take many forms. The United States Treasury Department is continually designing and printing new bills to prohibit and minimize counterfeiting. With the advances in technology, internet fraud is wreaking havoc to thousands of Americans each year. Money laundering and is not uncommon in the many organized crime organizations throughout the country.

If you are a baseball fan, you may be aware of the financial woes of the New York Mets. Why does a baseball team in the largest market in the country have difficulties maintaining a high payroll? Ownership of the Mets were victims of a huge pyramid scheme half a decade ago, which crippled the ownership’s finances. A pyramid scheme involves a business asking investors to pay a fee upfront for a significant return on investments later. As people join, their fees go towards investment returns on previous payers. This continues until no one else joins, and the rest are left high and dry.

If you are found guilty of any federal crime, including fraud, you will likely face very severe penalties including heavy fines and significant time in prison. Your criminal history will also follow you once you are out of prison and trying to start over in life. It may affect where you live, where you can and cannot work, and will affect you if you face charges later in life.

It is crucial to have a strong defense team on your side to fight charges. Your life, your freedom and your future are worth protecting. Failing to protect yourself today may lead to long term or life long consequences down the road. Is it worth the risk?

To its adherents (chiefly tax officials and government bureaucrats looking for ways to increase incoming revenues), it is winning legislation of the highest order.

To those who oppose it, though (a broad-based amalgam of business groups, legislators, privacy-rights advocates and taxpayers), it simply spells anathema, and needs to be eradicated without delay.

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