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Drug Evidence May be Suppressed if the Police Act Illegally
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Drug Evidence May be Suppressed if the Police Act Illegally

A lot of drug charges start off with a traffic stop. The police might claim that you failed to use your blinker, that you were drifting into other lanes, or that you were speeding. The officers then use this stop to try to gain access to your vehicle, whether through consent or some sort of probable cause. If drugs are found in your vehicle or on your person after one of these stops, then you may wind up in bigger legal trouble than you bargained for.

With penalties for drug crimes being quite severe, including the potential for years in prison, you need to be prepared to build a strong criminal defense to protect yourself as fully as possible. This isn’t always an easy task, especially given the reality that many prosecutors are aggressive in their efforts to convict and punish defendants. But one way you can fight back is to argue that the traffic stop that initiates the whole ordeal was illegal. If you are successful in making this argument, then you might be able to suppress evidence that was gathered and beat the charges you face.

Even if the traffic stop is legal, there may be actions taken by the police that are illegal and render any subsequently gathered evidence inadmissible at trial. For example, if an officer claims that he needs to search your vehicle in order to ensure his own protection, you may be able to challenge this by showing evidence of the circumstances surrounding the stop. If there was no reason for the officer to suspect a concealed weapon and there was no indication that the officer was potentially in danger, then the search may be considered illegal.

So what does this mean for you? It means that you might have the ability to get out from under the State’s thumb as it tries to crush you with the weight of a criminal conviction. But you’ll need to know the law and how to use it to your advantage. For most Detroit-area residents, that means securing a strong legal advocate who isn’t afraid to stand up to prosecutors and fight for the outcome that suits your best interests.

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