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2 Michigan Men Arrested at Hotel, Now Facing Drug Charges
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2 Michigan Men Arrested at Hotel, Now Facing Drug Charges

After receiving reports of alleged drug activity at a hotel, Michigan police arrested two men for their role in a drug operation they were supposedly operating from their room. The drug charges they are both facing include possession of fentanyl for sale and possession of heroin for sale. One of the men is also facing additional charges for delivering the heroin.

After receiving reports about the men’s alleged activities, the police secured a search warrant for their room. Local law enforcement and agents from a drug task force comprised of officers from various departments executed the warrant. Reports indicate that the search of the room revealed the presence of a few thousand dollars and half an ounce of fentanyl.

The bond for one defendant is $300,000 and the bond for the other is at $140,000. It appears the search of the room did not result in the discovery of any heroin. It is not clear what evidence was used as a basis to charge the men for heroin-related offenses or possession with intent to sell. These are serious charges they are facing, and the two men would be wise to begin to explore the defense options available to each of them.

Conviction of any type of drug charges could result in time behind bars and other consequences that can change the course of an individual’s life. The two Michigan men involved in this case will want to move quickly to seek the appropriate guidance from a defense attorney they need to effectively confront these charges. They are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty, and they have every right to fight for their future interests.

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