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Michigan Prosecutor Accused of Embezzlement
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Michigan Prosecutor Accused of Embezzlement

Money flows to and among individuals and businesses. This flow can be rather simple; however, it can get rather complex with multiple transfers and exchanges. Thus, when one is faced with a financial crime, one needs to develop a defense that is attentive to these complexities. Allegations of fraud, especially when it relates to a person’s business, can be extremely detrimental to one’s reputation. Thus, a timely and aggressive defense is necessary for those accused in Michigan and elsewhere.

A prosecutor in Macomb County is dealing with such a situation. According to reports, he was accused of using money that was taken by law enforcement as his own personal slush fund. It was alleged that the prosecutor did not act alone, however. It was asserted that he, with the help of the former county treasurer and the chief of operation in his office, was able to secret away funds in accounts that were outside of normal controls.

It was further asserted that this money was then used to purchase flowers and makeup for secretaries, a security system for the prosecutor’s private residence, catering for parties, campaign expenditures and other expenses. The prosecutor was charged with five counts of embezzlement as well as five other counts related to the described scheme.

A 2016 countywide audit supposedly uncovered these illicit accounts. This resulted in the prosecutor closing the accounts and handing a check over to the county; however, he did not produce any statements that would evidence the spending from these accounts. A subsequent police investigation then revealed the spending that occurred, resulting in the current charges.

Facing embezzlement, fraud or any financial crime can be a very emotional and complex time. Thus, it is important to not only inform yourself of the charges you face but also your defense options. This could help you avoid harsh criminal consequences by reducing or even dismissing the charges against you.

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