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Drunk Driving Charges Filed Against Experienced Prosecutor
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Drunk Driving Charges Filed Against Experienced Prosecutor

Michigan laws are tough on drivers who get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a driver is caught with a BAC over the legal limit or causes an accident because of intoxication, it can result in serious criminal charges and the potential for grave penalties. A county prosecutor is facing drunk driving charges, and now his reputation and personal freedoms are at stake.

The man was driving home when his vehicle left the road and crashed into a fence. The prosecutor called for emergency services, stating that he lost control over the vehicle because of a coughing fit. He requested that a tow truck be sent to the scene, but the dispatcher sent an officer as well.

It is not clear why the officer on the scene suspected drunk driving. In order for a drunk driving charge to be filed, there must be certain types of evidence, but a defendant has the right to challenge the results of any blood or breath test performed. A defendant also has the right to confront specific aspects of the prosecution’s case, such as the actions of the police and potential violations of legal rights.

As a prosecutor, the man is well aware of the Michigan laws regarding drunk driving. At this point, his career is at stake, as well as his reputation. He has likely already taken immediate action to build a strong defense by reaching out to an experienced defense attorney for an assessment of his case before his initial court hearing.


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