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Michigan driver facing drunk driving charges after accident
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Michigan driver facing drunk driving charges after accident

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can come with serious legal repercussions for Michigan drivers. A conviction for drunk driving can result in consequences that may include loss of driving rights, time behind bars, expensive fines and much more. The recent arrest of a driver after an alcohol-related traffic accident serves as a reminder of why it’s crucial to take these types of charges seriously.

The man was taken into police custody after striking the back of a vehicle that he was apparently trying to pass. Law enforcement was in the area because they were responding to reports of a driver swerving and driving erratically. After the first vehicle was hit, it left the road and ended up in the ditch. The defendant’s vehicle rolled several times and sustained significant damage.

The driver received medical attention for minor injuries at the scene of the accident. Michigan law enforcement then took him into custody for intoxicated driving. It is not clear if sobriety tests were administered or a chemical test was done. At this point, the driver will find it beneficial to begin to confront the case against him by preparing his defense strategy.

Even after an accident in which alcohol was allegedly involved, a driver is still presumed innocent in the eyes of the law until and unless proven guilty. An individual has the right to challenge the evidence brought by the prosecution and to present evidence for the benefit of his or her own defense. After an arrest for drunk driving, it is prudent to act immediately to secure the legal help with a Michigan criminal defense lawyer necessary to effectively fight back and preserve future interests.

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