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Bloomfield Hills woman facing embezzlement charges
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Bloomfield Hills woman facing embezzlement charges

Sometimes a Farmington Hills person gets themselves in a situation where they are over their head. Money is often a situation that can get out of control if a well-meaning person makes a mistake. Embezzlement is a common occurrence in Michigan and it is often aggressively prosecuted by authorities. A recent arrest in Bloomfield Hills has placed a woman in serious legal trouble.

A woman is facing serious criminal charges, including felony embezzlement, for allegedly stealing more than $70,000 from an elderly veteran. The woman allegedly wrote checks to herself and her business from the victim’s bank account and withdrew more than $16,000 from an ATM from the man’s account. The alleged victim was a resident of a nursing home at the time and was not able to physically or mentally care for himself. The woman was not the man’s caretaker or power of attorney. The woman has been charged with felony embezzlement and felony failure to pay taxes.

Embezzlement charges are serious. A person who is convicted of felony embezzlement can face years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines along with a ruined personal and professional reputation. A legal professional who is skilled in white collar crimes can help their client understand their options and protect their good name. An attorney understands that embezzlement cases often involve complicated financial questions and hard-to-decipher ledgers. An attorney can help their client by examining the relevant financial information, working on an out-of-court settlement, finding any flaws in the prosecutor’s case and negotiating for a plea deal.

If a person has been accused of embezzlement in Michigan, they may want to seek out the help of a skilled defense attorney. This is a crime that can be life-changing if they are convicted.

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