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Felony Drug Charges Filed Against Detroit Man
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Felony Drug Charges Filed Against Detroit Man

A drug-trafficking sting in Traverse City led to the arrest of a 24-year-old from Detroit. He was arrested for possessing a large amount of fentanyl and allegedly delivering some to a local resident.  The report from the drug operation says there was evidence of drug trafficking and delivery of illegal substances, leading to felony drug charges against the man.

The drug sting was initiated after local law enforcement apparently received a tip that the hotel was a location for the sale and delivery of drugs. The tipster supposedly also identified the man who was eventually arrested by Michigan law enforcement. Reports indicate that local narcotics investigators observed the room where the man was staying and his personal vehicle. They used footage as evidence to move forward with the sting and place the defendant under arrest.

As part of the investigation, police searched a local home where they say they found drugs and other things they believe were consistent with what they found in the defendant’s hotel room. The man is currently facing felony charges that include possession with intent to delivery, maintenance of a drug house, driving on a suspended license and having a drug vehicle. His bond was placed at $100,000.

Felony drug charges are serious. A conviction can lead to extensive time behind bars and other penalties. While the case against him appears strong, it is in the defendant’s interests to begin working with an experienced Michigan attorney regarding his defense options. With the right guidance, it is possible to effectively confront a felony drug face, fight for future interests and preserve personal freedom.

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