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What Are Some Common Defense Strategies for a Drunk Driving Arrest?
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What Are Some Common Defense Strategies for a Drunk Driving Arrest?

Everyone makes a mistake at some point in their life. Farmington Hills area residents understand that no one is perfect and that mistakes are common. Sometimes a mistake can be serious and greatly affect a person’s life. A drunk driving conviction is one of those situations which a defendant should take seriously. Those who are facing drunk driving charges have several legal defense strategies they may want to consider.

Consequences of drunk driving

A drunk driving charge is a serious criminal offense in Michigan. Drunk driving is aggressively prosecuted by authorities and a conviction can carry serious penalties. If a person is facing a drunk driving charge, they may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in criminal defense. An attorney understands the penalties their client may face if they are convicted of drunk driving.

Possible defense strategies

There are many different DUI  defense strategies an attorney may use to defend their client. These drunk defenses may include:

  • Improper stop. An attorney may argue that their client was pulled over for no reason and the officer lacked probable cause.
  • Administration of field sobriety test. The field sobriety test may have not been completed properly or the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) is challenged.
  • Administration of breathalyzer. An attorney may argue that the breathalyzer machine was not properly maintained, or the officer did not have proper training to operate the machine.
  • Rising blood alcohol concentration. An attorney may argue that at the time their client was driving their client’s blood alcohol level was below the legal limit and rose between the time of the traffic stop and the administration of breath test.

How professional guidance can help

These strategies and many more may be used by a criminal defense attorney. A drunk driving conviction can bring a Michigan resident penalties that can include license suspension, jail time, high fines, and a ruined personal and professional reputation. It is important for those who are facing a DWI charge to understand the serious penalties and hire a defense attorney that can aggressively defend their rights.

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