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Troy Domestic Violence Attorneys
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Troy Domestic Violence Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman, we understand that many in the Troy area have been subjected to the misuse or misapplication of domestic violence laws, or that sometimes anger can get the best of someone, and people make mistakes. That is why we fight to defend your legal rights to be free from unwarranted or excessive punishment if you are facing domestic violence charges.

Strict Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence is not a matter taken lightly by the law in these modern times. The laws on the books currently are well-drafted to specifically address the problem of spousal abuse and other forms of physical abuse between family members. Domestic violence laws are very broadly written and strictly enforced. They are subject to potential abuse by vengeful individuals who may make false claims and subject to overbreadth in application when lawful conduct or behavior is misinterpreted or misconstrued to be abuse.

Furthermore, the punishment can sometimes far outweigh the criminal act, and the punishment is often excessive under the circumstances. Many cases involve one person’s word against theirs, and the prosecutor should not obtain a conviction with insufficient evidence of the crime. 

What A Domestic Violence Attorney Can Do For You

Domestic violence cases are generally complicated. Often, lawful conduct can be twisted or misconstrued by an alleged victim as domestic violence. The prosecutor might bring charges based on minimal evidence. Never assume a conviction is inevitable, and never plead guilty to anything without first speaking to a defense lawyer. 

Penalties for domestic violence can vary, and they might include spending a night or week in jail following your arrest, having a charge placed on your permanent record, serving probation, attending anger management, or perhaps requiring a substantial number of hours of community service.

Additionally, for a first offense, an individual can face up to almost a hundred days in prison and face a fine of $500. The charges and penalties can escalate if there are prior convictions or the prosecutor alleges aggravating factors. 

In addition to jail time and fines, another excessive result might be an unmerited restraining order, which can be issued even without a conviction in a criminal case. This order can limit your ability to go home, contact your family, see your children, and much more. Your defense attorney can also defend against a protective order request. 

Reach Out to a Troy Domestic Violence Attorney

The best thing you can do after an arrest is to call a Troy domestic violence attorney. The firm to call is the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman. We have a team of dedicated domestic violence attorneys ready to fight to protect your freedom and vindicate your character when faced with a domestic violence charge. We will ensure the most favorable possible resolution to your criminal case, as our attorneys have ample experience handling these matters. Contact us today via our website to schedule a consultation regarding your domestic violence charge today.


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