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Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you find yourself facing criminal charges, you need an attorney who can take your case quickly and get right to the heart of the matter. How fast your lawyer can begin to mount an aggressive defense makes a large difference in the outcome of your case, as much of the legwork of a criminal prosecution happens in the early period well before trial.

We Get to Know You as a Client

A Detroit criminal defense lawyer should get to know you and what is important to you before they even recommend a legal course of action. Any recommendation should factor in your own life situation because each client is different. Saying an attorney practices with a human touch is not a cliche; it is a necessary prerequisite of being a successful criminal defense attorney. 

At The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman, we combine experience as a prosecutor with common-sense legal solutions to help our clients. We know how prosecutors think, and our advice to you will reflect that. If the best course of action is to speak with a prosecutor to reach a deal, we know how to negotiate for the best possible legal outcome.

When you call us for a consultation, we will immediately speak to you to learn the facts of your case. When you hire us, you send a message to law enforcement that your legal rights are to be taken seriously.  We will perform our own investigation and look for any possible weak points in the prosecutor’s case. At the same time, we can move aggressively in court through pre-trial motions and seeking to exclude any evidence that was illegally obtained.  

How a Detroit Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Your Case

We could even engage before charges are filed to possibly head them off in favor of a different outcome. Sometimes, giving your side of the story to the prosecutor with evidence that shows that they will have a tough case against you is enough to get them to move on to another case.

Here are other ways that we could help your case:

  • Arguing for bail or a bail reduction if it is set too high
  • Being present when law enforcement interviews you to keep them from violating your rights
  • Counsel you about what you can expect in your case
  • Work to prepare you for court testimony in your case

Any day without an attorney in your criminal case is one when you are possibly at risk. Without experienced legal counsel, you could make mistakes that could impact the outcome of their trial. Many errors happen very early on before a client hires a lawyer when the defendant says something that they cannot take back. Don’t let that be you.

A Difference Making Detroit Criminal Lawyer

If you find yourself in the criminal justice system, contact the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman. Calling an attorney gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have someone in your corner and do not need to face law enforcement alone. 


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