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Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Attorneys
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Grosse Pointe Criminal Defense Attorneys

When people are arrested and charged with a crime, they are most afraid of prison. Of course, this is a major concern as it involves your freedom. However, this is far from the only impact of a criminal conviction. You could also face:

  • Difficulty finding a job in some fields
  • Loss of your rights to own a gun
  • Loss of your custody rights
  • Ruin to your personal and professional reputation

Law enforcement knows that defendants are stressed and afraid.  Oftentimes, they want you to plead guilty and do it quickly. Before that, they turn the pressure up on you through interviews and threats. They want you to fear for your future. Defendants often assume that whatever police and prosecutors do is allowed because they are the law. This is not always the case. 

Take Control of Your Case

Without an experienced Grosse Pointe criminal defense attorney, you could end up at the mercy of the criminal justice system. You may not even know that you have options. The decision whether to negotiate for a plea bargain or fight the charges is yours, and it is something that you should make after you fully understand the different courses of action.

Even when an attorney recommends a certain path, defendants often do not know how each choice will affect them in all areas of their life based on their own situation. Our legal approach is about the whole client. While a guilty plea may spare you from the stress and expense of a criminal trial, it is not always the best course of action, especially when you have grounds to fight the charges. At the same time, you may be able to achieve a better outcome if you try to negotiate a deal. 

Get Advice Early in Your Case

In each case, the considerations are different. The important part is getting advice early in the process before you begin to make any decisions. Decision-making is key in any criminal justice action because the choices that you make now can follow you for years.  It helps to understand the legal process now as it unfolds before learning about it once things are completely out of your control.

Most importantly, your criminal defense attorney is your voice during the process. They will speak on your behalf to both the prosecutor and the court, telling your side of the story. They will stand up for you if law enforcement is violating your rights. They will talk you through all of the considerations in your case. While hiring an attorney is an investment, it is one that you cannot afford not to make. Otherwise, not knowing what you are facing could lead to panic and forgoing an opportunity to better your legal situation.

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When you find yourself possibly facing criminal charges or have been arrested, you need a lawyer immediately. Contact the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman to schedule an initial consultation. Don’t delay, as the passage of time may not help your legal cause.


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