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Livonia Drunk Driving Attorney

Livonia Drunk Driving Attorney 

Seeing the red and blue lights in your rearview mirror and realizing you are being pulled over puts a sinking feeling in the stomach of even the most stoic of individuals. The stakes become even higher if you realize the stop is related to suspicion of driving drunk. Drunk driving (DUI) charges can upend your life and leave lasting effects that are hard to overcome. Fines, driver’s license suspension, possible jail time, sobriety classes, and ignition interlock devices are just some of the consequences of a conviction. The Livonia DUI attorneys at The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman will fight on your behalf to reduce or eliminate drunk driving charges by using proven strategies to defeat or mitigate the prosecutor’s case. Drunk driving charges need to be taken seriously, and should only be tackled with the help of an experienced drunk driving attorney. The legal and procedural nuances of the criminal system are complicated and missing something could lead to a conviction and severe punishment. Our Livonia drunk driving attorneys know how to protect your rights and give you an even playing field to respond to criminal charges.

Consequences You May Face 

The law views impaired driving as posing a high risk to the safety of others on the road, and to deter people from engaging in this behavior, imposes stiff penalties if convicted, including for the first offense. The specific charges filed and the existence of previous convictions will determine the potential sentence a conviction could bring. OWI, or Operating While Intoxicated, is the most common charge filed, and can result in up to 93 days in jail, fines up to $500, community service, possible vehicle impoundment, probation, and an interlock device.

OWVI, or Operating While Visibly Impaired, and UBAC/UBAL, or Unlawful Bodily Alcohol Content/Level, are subject to similar penalties, which quickly escalate if previously convicted. In addition to the sentence imposed by the court, you could lose your professional license, ruining your career, as well as placing an overwhelming burden on your finances as you struggle to pay much higher car insurance premiums.

Services We Offer

Everyone makes mistakes in life, and our Livonia drunk driving attorneys want to make sure you do not pay for a bad decision for years, or even the rest of your life. We understand the numerous issues that will make or break the State’s case, and we can use this information to your advantage in defending your case. Some of the issues we deal with as part of our drunk driving defense include:

  • Intoxication: Breath and blood tests are used to measure the level of alcohol in a person’s body, but unless administered properly, the results can be inaccurate. Certain medications and medical conditions can also influence the measurements of these tests, making them invalid.
  • License Suspension: Refusing a breathalyzer or blood test can result in an automatic suspension of a driver’s license that must be contested within 14 days in order to obtain a restricted license for essential driving purposes. Our attorneys know how to request and navigate these hearings so you do not see your driving privileges completely eliminated.
  • Field Sobriety Tests: These tests are the gold standard for police claiming impairment and probable cause to arrest, but the validity of these tests is up for debate, and police body cameras and webcams can also show they were improperly administered, making the results tainted.
  • Expungement: Even if you are convicted, it may be possible to expunge or eliminate a criminal conviction.

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No one should pay for the rest of his or her life for one mistake. If you were arrested and charged with drunk driving, talk to our Livonia drunk driving attorneys about your options. These cases require quick action to avoid dire consequences, so call our criminal defense firm today for a free consultation.


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