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Livonia Drunk Driving Lawyer
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Livonia Drunk Driving Lawyer

Livonia Drunk Driving Lawyer

We all know that alcohol and driving don’t mix. Even one drink can impair a person and make them more likely to get into a car accident. But many people underestimate the amount of alcohol in their body and try to prove to others that they can handle it.

Unfortunately, this often leads to serious accidents. Alcohol consumption decreases judgment and slows down reaction times, both which can lead to fatal mistakes when driving. 

The law is harsh on those who drink and drive. While the legal limit across the country is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08, you could still face criminal charges of driving while visibly impaired if you are under that limit and in no condition to drive. 

Drinking and driving is a serious crime that results in severe penalties. A DUI charge is not only costly, but it robs you of your freedoms. You could face jail time and lose your license. You could also lose your job and see your relationships become affected by your decision to drink and drive.

We all make mistakes. If you made the mistake of drinking and driving, see how the Livonia drunk driving lawyers at the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman can help you with your case. 

How Many Drinks Can I Have?

There are no hard and fast rules that can determine how many alcoholic drinks you can have before you reach the legal limit of 0.08. Each person is different, and you may become visibly impaired before you reach that point. You could have only one drink and become too drunk to drive.

Not all drinks are created equal. Cocktails tend to contain more alcohol than beer or wine, so it’s hard to say exactly how many drinks you can safely have. Your best bet is to not have any alcohol at all if you plan to drive. 

There are many factors that can affect one’s BAC. In addition, two people with the same BAC may have varying levels of impairment. Your BAC is affected by the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Amount of alcohol in the drink
  • How fast you consume the drink
  • Hydration
  • Food consumption
  • Prescription drug usage
  • Body type
  • Amount of fat and muscle
  • Alcohol tolerance
  • Overall health

Types of Drunk Driving Matters We Handle

Drunk driving consists of various elements. The Livonia drunk driving lawyers at Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman can help you with the following issues:

  • Motor vehicle operation
  • Citations
  • Accidents
  • License suspension
  • Intoxication
  • Impairment
  • Blood alcohol content
  • Field sobriety tests
  • Blood and breath tests

Contact an Experienced Livonia Drunk Driving Lawyer

Drunk driving is not taken lightly in Michigan. Drinking too much can impair your judgment and cause a serious or even fatal accident. You could injure or kill yourself or others. 

A DUI is a serious legal issue that you shouldn’t handle on your own. Let the Livonia criminal defense lawyers at Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman help you through this difficult time. We know the law and have strategies to help you reduce or eliminate your charges and penalties. 


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