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How you respond after being charged with a crime can mean the difference between freedom and incarceration or financial stability and significant fines. Below, learn more about how the prosecution pursues criminal charges and how hiring a talented defense lawyer in Novi to represent you throws a wrench in the prosecution’s plans to achieve easy convictions.

An attorney from The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman has experience winning cases in your local courts and can help you maintain your freedom and achieve the best possible result in your case. Read on about the benefits of a criminal defense lawyer and when to connect with one to support your case. 

Criminal Defense Attorneys Hold the State Accountable

The district attorney’s job is to review the potential defendants and cases that are presented to them and determine which charges to file in criminal court. These charges can potentially lead to a conviction and sentence, which can deny people their freedom and charge them substantial amounts in fines and related fees. 

Always remember that you are entitled to have a defense attorney representing you in a criminal matter, and seeking the right defense help can lead to a vastly different outcome than handling a case on your own. Know that the district attorney will approach your case differently when you hire an experienced, professional, and winning criminal defense attorney like Bradley J. Friedman. 

We will absolutely require that the district attorney prove each and every element of the charge they have leveled against you to obtain a conviction. We apply our years of experience with similar cases to identify shortcomings and weaknesses in the district attorney’s case, which can prevent them from proving your charges beyond a reasonable doubt. 

Winning a case doesn’t always depend on being guilty or innocent but rather on having competent legal representation, so your defense is presented in the proper manner. There are quite a few innocent people in jail today because they made a regrettable decision when it came time to decide not to hire an attorney. Don’t make the same mistake, and contact our criminal defense firm today for help on your defense. 

When Should I Contact My Novi Defense Lawyer?

As soon as you are arrested, learn of an investigation, or have knowledge of charges being brought against you, the benefits of a defense attorney can begin. If you are not represented from the start, you may be subjected to questions and interrogations that are meant to get you to provide information that the prosecution can use to convict you. You might not fully understand your rights and think that answering questions will help your case go away sooner. In reality, you should always invoke your right to remain silent and contact a defense attorney immediately. 

For many convicted individuals in the criminal justice system, answering questions by the police significantly contributed to their conviction. With our legal team by your side from the very start, you will not have to be intimidated by law enforcement, and you will only answer questions with your attorney present to keep things on track.

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