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Sterling Heights Criminal Defense Lawyers
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Sterling Heights Criminal Defense Lawyers

No lawyer should tell you that there is such a thing as a routine case or that two criminal cases are exactly alike. The different element in each case is you. Every person has their own motivation and life situation that will be affected by criminal charges and a conviction. Whether it is family, job, or reputation, the legal advice that you receive must be tailored to your own specific situation.

This means that you must have a Sterling Heights criminal defense lawyer who takes the time to learn about the whole person and not one who tried to give one-size-fits-all legal advice. This is our exact approach at the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman. We listen to you and learn what is important before we give you legal advice. Legal help only works if it helps you. 

When you are dealing with criminal charges, it is best to take steps towards your defense early. The first and best step to take is to call an experienced attorney to help you. This could bring you some clarity in both knowing the road ahead and that you have someone on your side with the skill and commitment to fight for you. Otherwise, you may be left to deal with the criminal justice system without any idea of how it works. 

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Could Help You

Here is how we could begin to put you at ease:

  • Explaining your legal options and how your case may unfold
  • Discussing any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and how we may use that to your advantage
  • Committing to work towards reduced punishment or lesser charges if that is in your best interests and an available option
  • Being there to answer the many questions that you may have about the process

Knowing how a prosecutor may approach your case and their methods is important knowledge to have in your case. It takes a former prosecutor to really know one, and we have experience in that role. It helps us know when the prosecutor may have holes in their case or may be ready to negotiate a favorable deal. 

In the end, what you need is strong advocacy. Whether that happens in the courtroom or in conversations with the prosecutor, law enforcement sees that you have someone by your side. They may tread a little more carefully when it comes to situations that could violate your rights. The sooner you have someone working for you, the less chance that police and prosecutors may take liberties with your own liberty. This is why you need to hire an attorney as soon as you have been arrested or even know that criminal charges are a possibility. 

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If you find yourself in the criminal justice system, contact the legal team of The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman as soon as possible to set up your free initial consultation. We have night and weekend appointments available and could meet you where you are.


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