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Sterling Heights Drug Charge Lawyer
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Sterling Heights Drug Charge Lawyer

Getting arrested for drug possession is always frightening, but an arrest is only the start of the criminal justice process. If drug charges follow, you must go through the criminal process, which does not favor defendants. You need to seek help from a Sterling Heights drug charge lawyer as soon as possible, and you should look no further than our legal team at The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman

Drug Laws in Michigan

There are different drug charges you might face in Michigan, depending on the specific allegations against you. 


A prosecutor must prove that you intentionally or knowingly possessed any amount of a controlled substance, including prescription drugs without a valid prescription. Charges and penalties will depend on the type of drug and how much you allegedly possessed, but most people face felony charges with a possible four years in prison or longer. 

Using Drugs

Most states do not criminalize drug use – only possession – but Michigan is different. In our state, if you take a pill that is not prescribed to you, it can result in drug use charges. It is critical to remember that if you seek medical help after taking drugs, you are protected from drug use charges. 

Distribution or Trafficking

Charges and penalties increase substantially when there are allegations of selling or otherwise distributing a controlled substance. Convictions can mean many years behind bars and costly fines, among other lasting consequences.

The prosecutor does not even have to prove that you sold or delivered drugs, as they can charge you with possession with the intent to distribute. They might allege that the drugs you possessed were in too large a quantity for personal use, or you had paraphernalia that indicated you were going to package the drugs for sale. Our drug crime lawyers can challenge allegations that you possessed drugs with the intent to distribute. If you are accused of moving drugs across state lines, you can face trafficking charges in federal court.


People accused of manufacturing or cultivating controlled substances can face serious charges and penalties. These charges might stem from the production of methamphetamines, heroin, LSD, and more, and you might face charges for simply packaging drugs without growing or producing them. You can have a certain number of marijuana plants for personal use, but cultivating larger amounts of marijuana without a proper license can result in criminal charges.

No matter what drug charge you face, there is the potential for jail time. Always seek the defense representation you need to protect your rights and future. 

Hiring an Experienced Sterling Heights Drug Charge Lawyer

Drug convictions come with costly penalties, and you want to do whatever you can to avoid a conviction. Our drug defense attorneys know how to present the strongest possible case in your favor to get your charges dismissed, as well as negotiate with prosecutors for a favorable plea deal when needed. Contact our office to discuss your situation and how we can help.


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