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Sexual assault can refer to a wide range of actions, from unwanted touching to rape. Generally speaking, these actions are only illegal when one party does not consent to the sexual activity — but in moments of intimacy and passion, especially when alcohol is involved, it is not always clear whether both parties consent.

Unfortunately for anyone accused of sexual assault, rape charges carry serious penalties including prison time, and having their name permanently added to the sex offender registry. This alone can have life-long implications, making it more difficult to secure housing, work and loans long after one’s sentence has been served.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to work with an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney when facing rape accusations. At The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman, I will work with you to create a strong defense strategy based on your specific needs. I will push for the charges against you to be dropped or reduced whenever possible, and when that is not an option I will seek a reduced sentence. In every case, my goal is to minimize the impact of criminal charges on your life.


If you’ve been charged with rape or a similar offense, you have a right to tell your side of the story with a lawyer’s help. I will work with you to understand the details of the incident that led to the charges against you, and I will stand up aggressively for your rights in court.

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