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Criminal Law

Criminal charges can lead to serious consequences. Aggressively defend your rights alongside an experienced attorney.

Federal Law

Federal charges can cause uncertainty, but with an attorney, you can understand the risks you face.

Tax Crimes

Pursue a feasible outcome following tax fraud or other serious tax crime charges.

Organized Crime

If you’ve been accused of organized crime, contact a talented lawyer as soon as possible.

Domestic Violence

Defend your rights and tell your side of the story after a domestic violence charge.


An arson allegation can derail your life. Get back on track with a trustworthy lawyer.


Minimize the impact of an assault charge with the help of reliable legal support.

Sex offenses

Sex offense charges are highly stigmatized and require immediate assistance to protect your rights.

Rape Accusations

Rape charges often lead to serious penalties, so don’t wait to build a defense.

Sex Offender List

It’s possible to protect yourself from the consequences of being added to the sex offender registry.

Home Invasion

Learn about your legal options following home invasion charges with the help of an attorney.

Weapons Charges

No matter what weapons charges you’re facing, you have the right to explore legal options.

Drug Crimes

Both state and federal drug charges require immediate response to minimize the consequences.

Drunk Driving

An OWI can result in license suspension, so don’t wait to explore your options with an attorney.

Internet Crimes

From cyberbullying to identity theft, cybercrime charges need to be taken seriously. Talk to an attorney right away.


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