Livonia Weapons Charge Lawyers

Livonia Weapons Charge Lawyers
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Livonia Weapons Charge Lawyers

Livonia Weapons Charge Lawyers

Weapons charges are among the most serious offenses one can face in the criminal justice system. The penalties can be severe, and a conviction can have long-lasting effects on your life, including restrictions on your personal rights and future opportunities. As an experienced Livonia weapons charge lawyer, I, Bradley J. Friedman, understand the gravity of these charges and the anxiety they can cause. My goal is to provide you with the robust legal representation you need to navigate this challenging time and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

What Are Weapons Charges?

Weapons charges can vary widely but generally involve the unlawful possession, use or trafficking of firearms or other dangerous weapons. Common offenses include carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, carrying a weapon into restricted areas such as airports and using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime. Each of these charges carries its own set of legal complexities and potential penalties.

What Happens During a Weapons Charge Case?

The process usually begins with an arrest, which could occur at the scene of an alleged crime or during a police investigation. It’s crucial to remain calm and exercise your right to remain silent until you can speak with an attorney.

Following the arrest, an arraignment will be scheduled, at which time you will be formally charged and asked to enter a plea. This is a critical stage where having legal representation can make a significant difference, as your attorney can argue for bail and begin to assess the strength of the prosecution’s case. From there, I will guide you through the criminal defense process, ensuring your rights are upheld every step of the way. 

Types of Weapons Charges and Potential Sentences

  • Carrying a Concealed Weapon Without a Permit. This is a common charge that can lead to substantial fines, community service, and even jail time. Repeat offenders or those found in sensitive areas may face harsher penalties.
  • Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon: For individuals with previous felony convictions, being found in possession of a firearm can lead to significant prison sentences, depending on the circumstances.
  • Illegal Trafficking and Sales: Engaging in the illegal sale or distribution of firearms can result in severe federal charges, carrying long prison sentences and hefty fines.
  • Use of a Firearm in Violent Crimes: Using a firearm in the commission of crimes like robbery or assault significantly enhances the penalties of those underlying crimes, often leading to mandatory minimum sentences.

How My Law Firm Can Assist You

At the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman, I offer years of experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. I understand how the government builds its case and how to effectively counteract its strategies.

I don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, I focus on the unique details of your situation to develop a defense strategy tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether through negotiating plea deals or aggressively defending you in court, my priority is to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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Weapons charges are daunting, but with the right legal support, you can navigate these challenges effectively. At the Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman, I am committed to defending your rights and achieving a favorable resolution to your case. If you or a loved one is facing weapons charges, don’t wait—contact my office today for a free initial consultation.


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