David “Best lawyer in the world."
John M. “I was extremely impressed with Bradley Friedman."
Amy P. “He was very thorough and always responded back to me."
J F “Bradley was the best attorney I could have asked for!"
V5 Vizualz “very amazing and extremely helpful, very communicative."
Madelyn P. “responsive, knowledgable, and professional."
BRIEANNE B. “very thorough, comforting and helpful throughout the entire process."
SEEDA V. “Very professional, helpful, and scrupulous."
JUSTIN B. "Exceeded my hopes and expectations."
KALIAH P. "So grateful for Mr. Friedman!"
KAREN A. "I definitely recommend him!"
JOHN B. “Brad gave me the best legal services."
JESSICA G. “Very professional! Would highly recommend."
TOMMY P. “I can whole heartedly recommend him."
VICTOR V. “Bradley was exceptional."
LADY H. “He GETS RESULTS even when they seem IMPOSSIBLE."
WYATT D. “This should be the first, and only, attorney you'll need to call."
HANY M. “Brad is very professional and dependable."
JASON M. “Bradley really came through for me on a traffic ticket."
WILL K. “He was a great guy."
SHARON L. “He was very kind."
ED D. “He did a perfect job to save me."
E.O. W. “Brad is caring and dependable."

Our Practice Areas


A Former Prosecutor
Who Understands How The
Government Builds A Case

Whenever you face a federal charge or are the subject of a federal investigation, you need tenacious legal support. Bradley Friedman understands first-hand how the government’s investigatory process works. As your most trusted law firm, we are in an excellent position to construct defense strategies specifically designed to counteract those measures.

The Criminal Process

Depending on the crime, law enforcement may be required to investigate and obtain a warrant before a suspect can be charged.

Once a warrant is issued the suspect can be taken into police custody. For some misdemeanors, only evidence of a crime is needed.

In this first court appearance, a judge or magistrate will explain the charges against you and the potential penalties if you’re convicted.

Both sides continue to build their case through discovery, and plea bargains can be discussed or accepted before the trial begins.

If your attorney and the prosecutor can’t agree on a plea bargain, then the case will proceed to trial before a judge or jury.

If convicted, the penalties you’re given could vary greatly and will be determined by a pre-sentence report and any prior convictions.

A conviction isn’t always the end of your case. In many situations, you can appeal the court’s decision or your sentence.

Protecting The Accused
Throughout The Detroit
Metro Area

At The Law Offices of Bradley J. Friedman, we take a unique approach to criminal law. Rather than focusing on the charges, we begin by addressing the possible consequences you face. By approaching matters using this method, we can weigh your options and construct a defense strategy that’s designed to help you achieve your goal.

Featured Case

Malicious Destruction of Property Charges Against Artist Shepard Fairey

The city of Detroit charged famed street artist Shepard Fairey, creator of the 2008 Barack Obama “Hope” poster, with three felony counts, including malicious destruction of a building and malicious destruction of property, with more than $20,000 worth of damage. Punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.


A judge in Detroit dismissed charges against Fairy who was accused of defacing several properties in the city. The judge granted a motion to dismiss the charges filed by Fairey’s attorney, Bradley J. Friedman.

“I have faith in the legal process and feel relieved and vindicated that the charges against me have been dismissed. I believe that most Detroiters see public art as a positive thing for the city and I look forward to being involved in more creative endeavors in Detroit in the future.”


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