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Success Stories
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Successful Michigan Criminal Defense Case Results

Below is a small sample of the many criminal defense and OWI cases my firm has been able to successfully resolve for our clients over the years. No two cases are exactly alike, and the results below are not guaranteed in any case. For a discussion of your specific charges and legal options, please contact our office today.

Charge: Malicious Destruction of Property Charges Against Artist Shepard Fairey

Result: Charge Dismissed

The city of Detroit charged famed street artist Shepard Fairey with three felony counts, including malicious destruction of a building and malicious destruction of property, with more than $20,000 worth of damage. The judge granted a motion to dismiss the charges filed by Fairey’s attorney, Bradley J. Friedman.

Charge: Operating While Intoxicated (OWI or DUI)

Result: Original Charge Dismissed, Probation

A female defendant with children in the car when she was pulled over was charged with operating while intoxicated (OWI). Our firm was able to successfully negotiate with the prosecutor to lower the charge to operating while visibly impaired, and the client was able to avoid any jail time.

Charge: Drug Possession

Result: Charge Dismissed

I represented a young man who was charged with possession of a controlled substance following a traffic stop in Wayne County. By proving that the original reason for the traffic stop was unlawful, and therefore the evidence discovered was not admissible, I was able to get the charges against my client completely dismissed.

Charge: Operating While Intoxicated, High BAC

Result: Original Charge Dismissed, Probation and Counseling

I was able to demonstrate that the defendant’s health condition contributed to an altered BAC result. He had originally been pulled over for a broken taillight. I convinced prosecuting attorneys to lower the charge to operating while visibly impaired. Our client was sentenced to 6 months of probation and an alcohol counseling program.

Charge: Domestic Assault

Result: Charge Dismissed after Completion of Diversion Program

Because my client had no prior criminal record, I was able to gain approval for him to participate in a diversion program instead of serving time in jail. Under the program, he entered a guilty plea which was deferred at sentencing in exchange for participation in an anger management program and probation. Upon completion of the program, the charge and guilty plea were dismissed.

Charge: Assault and Battery

Result: Charge Dismissed

My client was facing one count of assault and battery for an incident that occurred between himself and another patron at a local Oakland County bar. My client had a prior conviction for battery. Our firm presented evidence that our client had attempted to avoid the conflict and acted out of self-defense. The charge was dropped.

Charge: Felony Larceny (Employee Theft)

Result: Charges Dismissed

I represented a woman who was charged with felony larceny after her employer of many years accused her of stealing property from their office valued at more than $2000. I presented evidence to the prosecutor that our client had sufficient reason to believe she was entitled to possess the items and that she never intended to permanently remove them from the office. Our defense was successful, and all charges against my client were dismissed.


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