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Adam B.
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Adam B.

Here is a list of things that Bradley did that made me extremely happy:

1) Returned and or answered my calls and texts in a timely manner.
2) Was very knowledgeable and experienced with the charges against me.
3) Was very knowledgeable and experienced with how the courts and the prosecutor’s office operate.
4) Told me exactly how everything would play out, and everything actually happened the way he said it would.
5) He knew a lot of people (prosecutors, court staff and judges) at the courthouse. People were actually coming up to him and saying hello.
6) He is a “working” attorney with multiple “working” offices. He relies on his work ethic, knowledge and experience to get the job done. Not telling people what they want to hear.
7) I felt like he actually cared about me and my life and my situation. I never felt like a paycheck to him, not even once.

I was fortunate enough to find Bradley online. He took care of me as if he has known me for my entire life. I will utilize Bradley’s knowledge and experience every time that I need a criminal lawyer from here on out, which I hope isn’t often for my sake. But I feel 100% confident that each time I need to rely on Bradley, that I will be given nothing but the best he has to offer. I would tell more, BUT THAT INFORMATION IS PRIVILEGED.

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